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masterFormattingDirk Engling9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-09-01FormattingHEADmasterDirk Engling
2023-09-01Add void prototypeDirk Engling
2023-09-01Lower ipc packet size to the default of net.local.dgram.maxdgramDirk Engling
2018-02-05Fix: Proctitle lenght was not parsed from the correct fieldDirk Engling
2017-06-02Remove trailing white spaceDirk Engling
2017-06-01document the -g switchStefan Grundmann
2017-06-01introduce -g switch; because -u alone will not work if security.bsd.see_other_gids=0Stefan Grundmann
2017-06-01manpage: remove trailing whitespaces, fix typoStefan Grundmann
2017-06-01add missing [ to usage stringStefan Grundmann
2014-06-10Remove user and group id when installing files.erdgeist
2014-06-10Make Makefile STAGEDIR awareerdgeist
2013-04-26When being called from /etc/rc at boot time, jaildaemon wakes up SIG_IGN-ing SIGHUP. Fix this.erdgeist
2013-03-30Allow specifying the jailname instead of jid with the -j parametererdgeist
2013-03-28Document the -u switcherdgeist
2013-03-28Introduce -u switch to allow dropping the probes' uid to something non-root processes in the jail can send signals toerdgeist
2013-03-13Clean up error reporting style.erdgeist
2013-03-13Explain -R option. Also clarify that the pidfile location in the example is the defaulterdgeist
2013-03-13commandline => command-lineerdgeist
2013-03-13Comments and formattingerdgeist
2013-03-13Make m_flags an enum, set a neutral proctitle if none given, remove ipc pipe atexit() and add an immediate respawn optionerdgeist
2013-03-12tidy utility from daemon codeerdgeist
2013-03-12Fix the commaerdgeist
2013-03-12Fix check for working command channel. Workaround bug in pidfile_open by providing an unused pid_t*erdgeist